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„More than an aggregator“ was the title of the first interview that I’ve done with Paul Berry, founder and CEO of RebelMouse two years ago. A lot has happened since then, so it was time for an update!

Paul Berry
Paul Berry

Annette Schwindt: When we did our first interview two years ago, Rebelmouse was only in its beginning. It was possible to import updates from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by then. There have been a lot more options added since then. What options for importing are there today?

Paul Berry: Content can now basically come from anywhere smoothly into RebelMouse. This means of course LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, Youtube, G+ but also direct RSS feeds and XML/JSON for custom clients. There is also a very cool bookmarklet that users set up to clip things into RebelMouse.

But also there are more and more sophisticated filters to process the content and send it to the right approvals/reviews or to be published and notify a user, or ask for permission to use the content.

Beside the import functions a lot of other updates have been introduced. There is the individual layout option, the tab option, one for filtered content and the option to embed the whole page in my own website, like I have done, plus I can monitor my page with its own insights. What are your favourite features and why?

I love how it is all coming together. Being a great, hyper efficient, social publishers is really hard. Much harder then it should be. Every month we are farther along at bringing all the pieces together to take content, get it traffic, and turn that traffic into community.

So I think along with Velocity Alerts and Tracking (sorts by popularity triggered against fast moving content), my favorite is the calls to action we are launching which encourage further sharing and get you joining the community.

Screenshot of the website

I really like the mobile app. It allows me to rearrange or remove postings from my page just as quickly as in the desktop version plus to browse and share or repost the postings of others. Can you give us an insight on how many people use Rebelmouse in total and how many use it on mobile devices?

We are now under traffic reaching about 30 million UVs a month. A much smaller group of those have started to really obessively manage their content from the apps, which is in more of the tens of thousands. We are working on some things we are will be launching in fall that we hope to really amplify native apps. We do obessess about mobile web and our traffic is about 60/40 mobile.

Check out The Dodo app on the google store or iTunes, its a great example of how we’re building the full experience for clients (The Dodo is 100% powered by RebelMouse).

In our last interview you were still working on the way that search engines would react on RebelMouse pages. Are my postings on RebelMouse indexed like any other social media posting by now?

If you are running a powered domain, yes. And we highly recommend that. If you are using embeds, yes but to a lesser degree. We understand that the embeds are really easy to add and give value, but we are showing our customers how much more we can do when we take over a domain or subdomain. A recent launched site you can see as an example that moved over 100% is

Two years ago you said that RebelMouse is more than an aggregator. I like to recommend it as a kind of newsroom, especially since the option to create content directly on the page and the tabs have been introduced. Do you see a lot of people use RebelMouse as a newsroom? What other ways are there to use a RebelMouse page?

Screenshot of

We are being used by media companies like Esquire for or MTV for, to build community and engagement and make beautiful experiences. But the newsroom is in my heart and while we are used regularly to embed streams of content that are curated carefully, we have some really interesting iterations of that which build more community and take interviewing and news gathering across social to a hopefully very interesting place.

But we are also powering social content ads, where brands use our platform to transform their best social content into display campaigns that outperform traditional by 2-10x.

The work with the Dodo has led to lots of launches that are in the works right now:

What possibilities do the paid accounts offer compared to the free ones by now? And will the free ones remain free of advertising too?

In order to build a healthy long term business, we’ve focused on the paid enterprise SaaS (software as a service) business. I very much want RebelMouse to become the platform that you start on, paying nothing and when you find you are building a real business that it can scale without migration to be the backbone of the new social open web. We have a lot to do to get there! But for the next months we are focusing on working with some of the best brands and media companies in a way that is giving the product real depth, while working with start ups like Trending Kenya and The Dodo to help find solutions that work for their business.

A lot has been achieved for RebelMouse in these last two years but I suppose you’re still working on new features? Can you let us know about any of them yet?

We are getting better and better at having the systems editors and writers use become simple but sophisticated while building out as rich an experience for the site visitors and community as possible. I am extremely proud of our product, design and dev team which is now 30+ strong and have all gone through trials and are really a team not just brilliant individuals and the product is iterating very quickly. We have native apps that are gaining engagement, and ad products that are certified by ad servers and under high traffic, and content going viral at over 1 million likes on a single post.

The challenge we have is explaining ourselves back simply. The social CMS.

Thanks a lot to Paul Berry for answering my questions
and to Megan Berry for providing me with links and photos!